We created the website for Pieris architects.
The challenge was to design a fully dynamic elaborate website but with a strongly minimalistic feel. Additionally, the website is able to adjust on various screen resolutions, retaining its proportions and functionality either it is viewed from a netbook, ipad or a high resolution big monitor.
There are more than three levels of navigation and every category has its own customized layout always within the boundaries of the general layout aesthetic framework.
Interactive elements correlate information from the content with visual keys that provide a more complete experience.
The presentation of various projects is maybe the most important part of the website. They are also presented through an uncluttered layout but there is an advanced gallery with navigation and a textbox with paging.
Full screen presentation of project’s gallery, where the visitor can easily browse through the photos.
Navigation and ergonomics are customized for each category while the content and even the functionality in places can be adjusted from our content management system.
The client can upload photos and manage the content in depth and detail.
The news and blog sections have a custom layout that better serves their purpose.
    Pieris architects


    V. Pothos
    web design
    I.K.Erripis / V. Pothos
    content management system
    V. Pothos
    additional management tools
    V. Pothos / I.K.Erripis
    Pieris architects
    Pieris architects
    October 2011

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