Design and development of static websites, dynamic websites, web related applications and solutions.

web design

Every website has a unique purpose, it addresses specific needs and it impose unique challenges. We design every project for these exact needs and goals of each client.

We greatly value ergonomics and usability, aesthetics, good content structure and smooth navigation.

Corporate identity elements and photography are processed and incorporated into the integral website design. Even better we can also provide the complete design of your brand along with the website for the optimum result.

dynamic content

Websites that demand frequent and extensive content update and management are equipped with the appropriate infrastructure that enables the client / admin to manage its website content with the easiest way possible.

Dynamic websites are controlled via our customized application where the user can add and edit every part of the website that needs update.

Our CMS application is fully customizable and we optimize it for every website . We use dependable backend modules and it can handle texts, images, video or other specialized type of content (ex. Maps) while it can be integrated and enriched with other applications (ex newsletter, sms etc).


The following list shows some of the applications we have developed and incorporate in our work.

For more information or for more specific tasks please contact us.


Applications and administrative tools for databases, either for public websites, or for internal private use.


Tools for bulk sending emails (newsletter). Group selection amongst receivers and use of various templates, depending on the content. All functions are integrated in a single framework or inside the CMS administration panel.

sms applications

Bulk mobile phone short text messages (sms) sending application, with administrated receivers groups.

calendar - event organizer

Event, appointments and other incidents can be managed with our specialized application. We can also integrate them to your website or use them for a variety of applications. We use robust components like Google Calendar and you can easily operate it from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.


Full development of e-commerce applications with secure transactions, easy to use interface and practical control panel for the administrator. We use dependable open source components, which are highly customized and fine-tuned for every specific project.

forums - community management

We have great experience in the installation, design, integration and customization of forum software. We have also developed additional utilities, community management tools and more.

map integration

Databases and google map integration, with superposition of data over maps (navigation info, addresses etc) inside an interactive environment.

online interface for print material

With a specialized interactive application we can transfer whichever designed for print article inside a website that retains its functionality, form and paging.

Social networking

Integration, use and administration of website and social networking services (facebook, twitter et al) to promote your website, its content, engage and enlarge your audience.


The demands and functional parameters of search engines are taken into account during the total website design. They are not implemented as afterthoughts but a calculated part of the websites core and structure.

The final result is fully compatible with search engine crawlers and the website appears as high as possible in the results of relative and targeted queries and links.

Apart from the initial work and design, we follow closely the feedback and the detailed statistics of the website in order to fine tune it and achieve the best result possible


If you need a custom and specialized application, or a combination of apps
feel free to contact us.

We thoroughly analyze every case in order to offer you our best proposal or even to develop an application especially for your case.

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